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The NOF Ambassadors Leadership Council includes individuals who identify specific areas in which they can help others within the limits of their expertise and time.  I recognize many of the names.  Medical expertise, business acumen, philanthropic ties, evangelism about bone health are all needed.

Go to for a state by state list of current members.  In Iowa 2 of 4 are also founding members of the Iowa Bone Club.

Jay Ginther, MD

All of us will die some day.  Many of us will not be able to fully express our wishes in our last days.  How do we want to spend our last days?  How do our parents want to spend their last days if they cannot speak for themselves at that time?

NOF has a brief video about deciding ahead of time who will speak for you if you cannot.  Go to .

Much better is the next video – a TED talk by Ellen Goodman at about The Conversation Project.  Talk about end of life care.  What YOU want to happen.

Given our medical backgrounds, my wife and I clearly know what we do not want and have made it clear to our kids.  Most people never have The Conversation because it is too early – until it is too late. 

Take control.  Decide how you would like to spend your last days.  Choose a health care proxy.  Talk about it.  Do the necessary paperwork.

Jay Ginther, MD

NOF Tip for 26 May – Join a Support Group

May 26, 2020 @ 7:00 am
posted by Dr Ginther

NOF encourages you to join a local support group and lists those currently registered at .

NOF will also assist those wanting to start a local group who fill out the NOF Online Support Group Application found on the same webpage.

Cedar Valley Bone Health Institute of Iowa will be starting a support group in Waterloo – Cedar Falls, IA, if there is enough interest, after social distancing becomes less stringent.

Jay Ginther, MD

NOF has multiple online communities for information or support or discussion.  Explore and/or join by computer.  Go to  Once you have joined, you can join one of multiple discussion groups.

The “Inspire” App is also available for smartphones at the Apple store.

Jay Ginther, MD