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Proper body mechanics for bending and lifting will prevent unnecessary fractures.

NOF has visual aids in learning good body mechanics at

If you need help learning proper bending and lifting techniques, CVMS Physical Therapy can assist you.

Most of us know exactly what we should do to minimize risk of injury when bending or lifting.  The hard part is remembering to do it right every time.  Practice will make it a habit.

Jay Ginther, MD

Do you plan to stand and walk?  If so, you need to include weight-bearing exercises in your daily routine.  If you plan to jog or run sometimes, then you need to work up to that in your several times weekly routine.

You can help prevent osteoporosis by doing the highest level of weight-bearing exercises you can currently manage.  You can treat osteoporosis by including minimal impact exercises and working up to at least low impact exercises.

CVMS Physical Therapy can help you find your starting level and gradually guide you to a higher level Home Exercise Program. 

NOF has a series of videos at

Fliers about Pilates and Yoga at

Weight-bearing exercises are a vital part of bone health.

Jay Ginther, MD

Knowing how to move safely avoids unnecessary risks for falls and fractures.  That can improve your life.  Avoid unnecessary risks.

NOF publication details proper bending, lifting, etc.

This brochure also tells how FRAX, VFA, TBS all improve the predictive power of DXA and BMD alone about who is at risk for fracture.  It also visually shows the 50% risk of fracture without antiresorptive treatment compared to the 0.017% risk of unusual fractures of jaw or femur with treatment.

Read the brochure.  If you need coaching for safe movement, Cedar Valley Physical Therapy can help.  Choose from 4 locations:  125 E Tower Park Dr, Waterloo – 319-232-6339; 1631 Logan Ave, Waterloo – 319-232-2630; UNI, 2351 Hudson Rd, Cedar Falls – 319-273-5265; 4612 Prairie Parkway, Cedar Falls.

Avoid unnecessary risks.

Jay Ginther, MD

NOF Tip for 2 May – Balance

May 2, 2020 @ 8:00 am
posted by Dr Ginther

Many fractures involve a fall.  So don’t fall.  But that is easier said than done.

Practicing balance exercises strengthens your muscles, improves your reflexes, improves your balance, strengthens your bones, and prevents falls.

CVMS Physical Therapy can teach you balance exercises appropriate for your current skill level to do daily at home, and coach you to better balance and fewer falls.  Choose from 4 locations:  125 E Tower Park Dr, Waterloo – 319-232-6339; UNI, 2351 Hudson Rd, Cedar Falls – 319-273-5265; 1631 Logan Ave, Waterloo – 319-232-2630; 4612 Prairie Parkway, Cedar Falls.

NOF presents “Preventing Fractures and Falls” at

NOF says check out helpful tips from Carol Clements in her book, “Better Balance for Life,” a workbook progression applied to improve balance.

Fall-proof yourself by practicing balance.

Jay Ginther, MD