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I am a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon.  My first experience in the operating room, seeing that Osteoporosis causes Fractures, was almost 40 years ago.  My years operating on bones ruined by Osteoporosis have led to my understanding of Osteoporosis from a Bone Doc perspective.  I care about Fractures!

If you are going to prevent or recover from Osteoporosis, you need to know your enemy.  If you learn enough and take relatively simple steps, you often CAN prevent or treat Osteoporosis successfully.  You can prevent Fractures!

  • I can reach one person at a time in my office…
  • Hundreds in the talks I give in Iowa and nearby states…
  • I can reach many more online!

The format of this blog is short topics about a half page each.  Clicking on the highlighted words or phrases will take you to further discussions of that topic.  Not all topics are covered as we have just started in December 2010.

I welcome questions and comments  by going to the contact page.   These will help guide the selection of future topics.  Some will be posted.  Please remember that my primary occupation is treating patients.

My current practice is detecting, preventing and treating Osteoporosis at the Cedar Valley Bone Health Institute of Iowa.  Established patients should contact us at  We will try to respond within 24-48 hours.  I remind you never to reveal personal information over the internet until we have our secure patient portal up and running later in 2011.

Jay Ginther, MD, FAAOS, CCD


MD – College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY

Residency – Northwestern University, Chicago, IL


Board Certified – American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

Certified Clinical Densitometrist

Hologic Center of Excelence


Fellow, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

National Osteoporosis Foundation – Professional Partners Network

Member, International Society for Clinical Densitometry

Member, American Society for Bone and Mineral Research


Director, Cedar Valley Bone Health Institute of Iowa

Speaker, Lilly Lecture Bureau

Member, Lilly Advisory Board for Orthopedics