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“I Fall All the Time, But I Don’t Break Anything”

October 27, 2013 @ 9:15 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

Aunt Henrietta looked like half a raccoon with her entire left eye blackened.  She dismissed her looks as not a problem saying, “I fall all the time, but I don’t break anything.”  This is a change on both counts.  Five years ago, falls were infrequent.  Even so, she broke one wrist, then the other wrist, then her shoulder.

Two wrists, one shoulder, and half a dozen vertebral fragility fractures indicated Very Severe Osteoporosis.  That was before she took the Anabolic, Forteo, for 2 years.  She was the ideal patient for serious measures to stop her fractures.  And it has worked!!

Three years ago she fell down the attic stairs.  Four weeks ago she fell 3 times in 3 days, just before I visited her.  She has not broken anything in 4 years.  I attribute that to taking Forteo first, then Prolia (she has GERD and aging kidneys), plus Calcium in her Adora Chocolates, high dose Vitamin D, Multiple Vitamins & Minerals, and barely enough Protein.

Nutrition alone did not work for her.  Osteoporosis Medications alone would have failed.  The entire package was necessary.

I am worried that she is not worried about being a Frequent Faller.  Falls are dangerous, especially when you cannot get up again.  Living alone, a 2 story house, cooking for one, and refusing in-home assistance all are risky behaviors.  But that needs another post on another day.

Take Control Naturally if you can.  Add medications when needed.  Then you too can fall but not break.

Jay Ginther, MD

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