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July 4, 2013 @ 7:53 am
posted by Dr Ginther

July 4th is more than cook-outs and fireworks.  It is a time to reflect on who we are and how we got here.  “How can you know where you are, or hope to understand where you are going, if you do not remember where you have been.”

The musical “1776” (on PBS July 5th) reminds us that we must judge the actions of history within the realities and possibilities of the time.  What the Founders accomplished is incredible, given the reality that they were imperfect men (and women) dealing with an imperfect world.  They and their families paid a heavy price for the freedom they achieved.

History is messy.  Today Egypt most clearly shows that.  Progress is not always for the better.  All we can do as humans is the best that we can.  Remember that when judging yourself and others.

Every day make one small corner of the world just a little bit better.  Over time those little bits add up.  You can help create a Blue Zone.

Jay Ginther, MD

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