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Blue Zone Miracle – Gwen

June 16, 2013 @ 8:24 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

Early Saturday morning a small miracle happened.  A baby girl was born.  Every newborn baby is a miracle, full of potential to change the world.  This one was personal, my first granddaughter.  A wonderful Fathers’ Day present for her father and grandfather.

She arrived before 5 AM.  We drove through the night, and an impressive line of thunderstorms, 4+ hours to take over baby-sitting duties with her brother, almost 3 year old RJ of previous posts.   He was also the occasion of a mid-night ride.  Both have been worth the trip.

I still remember the birth of their mother, our firstborn, years ago, after an all-night labor.  She changed our lives forever, most days for the better.

Families are Blue Zones.  Treasure yours.  They grow up so fast.  And now are amazing parents themselves.

Jay Ginther, MD

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