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Give Calcium for the Holidays – in Premium Chocolates!

December 13, 2012 @ 8:16 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

Aunt Henrietta will be getting delicious, premium dark chocolate for Christmas again this year.  She gets the same for Easter and her August birthday.  Not often that an 88 year old gets something she desires and needs as a gift.  Because of her lactose intolerance and intolerance of all calcium pills, she needs this gift.

Henrietta needs to get enough Calcium if she is to Take Control Naturally.  That is very challenging with her sensitivities to milk, soy milk, cheses, calcium carbonate pills, calcium citrate, calcium maleate, calcium gluconate, etc.  Adora works.

Adora Premium Chocolate Calcium Supplement often works where others have not.  It is delicious!  The calcium is so finely ground that is undetectable.  So finely ground that Aunt Henrietta digests it despite her Nexium.  It is dessert in just 30 calories.

Adora is gluten free.  Adora is kosher, and meets halal as well.  I keep bags of milk chocolate and dark chocolate on my desk at all times.  I offer them to every patient who is having trouble getting enough calcium.  Several times a week I have a patient who can and will take only Adora as their calcium supplement.

Calcium is an absolute essential for good bone health.  If chocolate is the hook to get enough calcium daily, look into Adora at

Jay Ginther, MD

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