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Aunt Henrietta & Superstorm Sandy

November 27, 2012 @ 10:40 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

Aunt Henrietta has beaten Severe Osteoporosis with high dose Vitamin D, Adora Calcium Premium Chocolates, Forteo, and now Prolia.  I have written about her adventures with a throw rug, her bifocals, unexpected black ice, and her attic stairs.  Recently she tangled with Superstorm Sandy.

Aunt Henrietta lives in the steeply hilly part of New Jersey, far from the ocean.  No ocean storm surge there.  However, heavy rain, high winds, shallow soils, older trees, and narrow, twisting roads strung with power lines combined to almost do her in.  All she had was candles, layers of sweaters, and her stubborness (of which she has quite a lot).

She lives in a small “village” and lost electic power for 2 weeks.  No power means no lights, no electrically starting furnace, no electric stove, no electrically pumped water, and rotting food in the freezer.  She held out in her own home, alone for nearly a week.  The Fire Dept brought hot food and drink twice a day.

When the next storm dumped 8 inches of snow, she had to move to the fire house/emergency shelter for the second week.  She fared better than many at the (real) Jersey Shore.

At 88, she has survived the Great Depression and World War 2.  Aunt Henrietta (like many of her generation) is a tough old bird.  She is back in her house with her wry humor intact.  It will take more than Sandy to beat her.

Jay Ginther, MD

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