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Congress & Obama Cut DXA, Osteoporosis Care

February 23, 2012 @ 11:00 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

Last week we discussed a proven way to prevent fractures, save lives, prevent suffering, and save Billion$ of Dollar$.  Private insurance HMOs Kaiser and Geisinger developed the system of evaluating and treating patients at risk for osteoporotic fractures.  One of the key items in that program is getting a DXA on every fracture patient.

This week Congress & Obama cut Medicare payments for DXA  by more than 40% beginning March first. Everyone has heard that they put off a scheduled cut on all Medicare payments to physicians until just after the election.  Unfortunately, Medicare payments for DXA, and thereby for Osteoporosis Care, were specifically left out of this action.  

Most DXA facilities will now lose money on every Medicare patient they serve.  Convincing doctors and hospitals to adopt the proven way to decrease hip and other fractures, save lives, and prevent suffering, will be much harder.  Medicare can save a few Million annually through lower DXA payments.  Saving Medicare Billion$ of Dollar$ annually by fracture prevention will not happen.

Our political “leaders” have specifically cut the funding for reducing fracture risk.  Idiots!  Not just them; us for allowing it.

Put Congress on Medicare!

Jay Ginther, MD

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