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# 100

December 20, 2011 @ 4:00 am
posted by Dr Ginther

This is post #100!  Next week completes the first year of this blog.  It has grown.  The site had over 1000 unique visitors last month.  Not bad for someone who struggled in English Composition.

I have been able to add many new features.  The latest additions are YouTube VIDEOS at the top of the right column.

Reader comments have helped to give direction.  The Take Control Naturally series grew out of reader questions about what a person needs to do to improve bone health and possibly avoid medications.

Attendees at my public presentations suggested that I include the adventures of my Aunt Henrietta, one of my first patients (although not officially since she lives 1500 miles away).

I have included much information about osteoporosis evaluation, testing and medications for my own patients who seek more details than a single office visit can cover.  Reading about topics before the return visit gives a better knowledge base for further discussion.  Sometimes I need to research a headline recently in the news to give the whole story.

After 35 years as an orthopedic surgeon repairing fractures, I am gratified to assist people attempting to avoid fragility fractures.

Happy Holidays, and may you have better bone health in the new year.

Jay Ginther, MD

December 2011

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