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I Guess I Can Do A Shot Every Day

November 29, 2011 @ 4:00 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

My Aunt Henrietta Fell Really Hard tripping on a throw-rug.  Her Bifocals made her trip coming in from the porch.  She slipped on the Ice that had All Melted Yesterday.  Despite taking enough Calcium and Vitamin D supplements, she had broken both wrists and a shoulder.

I had discussed adding an osteoporosis medication with her Endocrinologist.  Because she also had shrunk by 4 inches and developed a humpback or kyphosis, she needed the Anabolic, Forteo (Teriparatide).  She was ready to say: “I guess I can do a shot every day.”

The daily shot turned out to be easier than she thought.  The needle is so small that neither of us can see it without glasses.  The syringe is very easy to use and lasts for 28 days.  Some people pinch a roll of skin on the tummy, but she did not need to on her thigh.  She even had to look to be sure the needle was in; she couldn’t really feel it.

Some individuals feel faint if they stand up right after a shot.  By the time Henrietta had put on the new needle for tomorrow and marked her calendar, she could walk the Forteo syringe back to her refrigerator without being light-headed.

Aunt Henrietta was Back In Control!  She was ready for No More Fractures.  She would put that to the test!

Jay Ginther, MD

November 2011

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