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Don’t Talk to Pharmaceutical Company Reps!

August 20, 2011 @ 6:00 am
posted by Dr Ginther

I called Aunt Henrietta’s endocrinologist.  She is a very bright younger physician who believes that consorting with pharmaceutical company reps is immoral and (in some states) almost illegal.  After all, the sole purpose of sales reps is to sell expensive medicines.  Pretty much the same goes for any physician who speaks for “Big Pharma”.

She was willing to listen to me, because I was calling at the request of her patient, my Aunt Henrietta.

We talked about Henrietta’s 3 Fragility Fractures.  We talked about the fact that a lateral spine x-ray would almost certainly reveal half a dozen Vertebral Wedge Compression Fractures.  We talked about the need for medication.  We talked about our concern that merely Preserving the bone already there would not be Good Enough.  Henrietta’s bones had already failed half a dozen times and more!

Henrietta’s doctor’s Endocrinology training had NOT included patients with FRACTURES.  She routinely avoided Pharma reps.  She therefore did not know about the anabolic, Forteo.

She agreed that Henrietta needed something to build new bone matrix.  Therefore she listened carefully as I described Forteo, the only medication which stimulates new bone matrix formation.

She is dedicated to her patients and their welfare.  She was willing to learn about what I thought was best for my own family.  Henrietta is fortunate to have an Osteoporosis Specialist for a nephew and a dedicated Endocrinologist.

Jay Ginther, MD

August 2011

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