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But the Ice All Melted Yesterday!

July 8, 2011 @ 6:00 am
posted by Dr Ginther

The third time was NOT the charm.  Aunt Henrietta had fallen twice, broken twice, and recovered twice.  She had managed to return to living in her home alone.  Then in March she went out to get the newspaper in the driveway.  It would be safe.  All the ice had melted yesterday.  And refrozen as black ice during the night!This time she fell Really Hard and broke her shoulder just below the joint.  She was delighted to not have a cast.  But her arm was in a sling and swathe and she could not use that arm at all for 2 whole months.  She was so disgusted!  She almost said bad words.

There was no getting around it.  Her bones might be weak after all.  She had tried high dose Vitamin D and enough calcium in her diet.  She had exercised.  She had had her glasses updated.

Her DXA score was still too low (still close to -4.0).  She had lost 4 inches height since high school.  And now she had a third Fragility Fracture.  Maybe she did have osteoporosis after all.  How could that have happened to her!

Aunt Henrietta was ready to discuss medication to add to her calcium and vitamin D.  For this she would have to see an endocrinologist.  But she wanted her nephew to talk to that doc before anything was actually agreed to.  I agreed to talk to the endocrinologist…..

Jay Ginther, MD

July 2011

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