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I Didn’t Fall! It was my Bifocals!

June 26, 2011 @ 6:00 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

Aunt Henrietta had recovered from her fractured wrist.  She was managing living alone in her own home again.  The step from the enclosed porch to the house is only 2 inches, but you cannot see your feet through your bifocals and she didn’t!

Again she Fell Really Hard.  This time she broke her other wrist.  Again this was a Fragility Fracture!  This time it was bad enough to require surgery to put the bone fragments back in place before the cast was applied.  Again she had to try to manage alone with a long arm cast.  This proved to be a huge challenge!!

We talked about the need to continue her (Adora Chocolates) calcium supplement and her high dose Vitamin D capsules.  We talked about possibly needing medication as well.  “But it isn’t my bones, it was my glasses. I’ll have them checked.”  She was not yet ready to admit that her bones were weak.

I was able to visit her and take her to her doctor appointment to get her cast off.  I was shown the x-rays.  I was impressed with the skill of my fellow orthopedic surgeon.  She would be able to use her wrist well enough after rehab to manage at home alone again.

Until the next time…

Jay Ginther, MD

June 2011

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