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“Anyone Would Have Broken Their Wrist Falling Like That!”

June 21, 2011 @ 6:00 am
posted by Dr Ginther

My Aunt Henrietta broke her wrist when she was thrown to the ground by a “throw rug”.  Like most people, her excuse was “I fell really hard.  Anyone would have broken their wrist falling like that.”

It couldn’t be Osteoporosis!  She had never had that before.

But her orthopedic surgeon said that her bones were very soft.  She had to wear a long cast for 6 weeks and could barely take care of herself at home.  He told her that she had a “Fragility Fracture”.  A what?

When you break a bone by falling from a standing height or less, or even if there is no fall, you have a “fragility fracture”.  That means that you have bones that are less strong than they should be.  That means that you need to find out why your bones are too weak and start working on improving your bone strength.

Aunt Henrietta had a DXA which showed “osteoporosis”.  She discovered that her Vitamin D blood level was Verrrry Low.  She had already tried all of the standard calcium supplements and they all made her indigestion worse.

She found a Calcium supplement that her touchy tummy will tolerate – Adora Calcium Supplement Premium Chocolates.  She also started on high dose Vitamin D supplements.  She worked hard on exercises to get her wrist to work again.

She remained independent!  All was well again, until the next time……

Jay Ginther, MD

June 2011

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