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Visiting Aunt Henrietta

May 31, 2011 @ 6:00 am
posted by Dr Ginther

My Aunt Henrietta helped spark my interest in Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment.  She has experienced several complications of severe osteoporosis.  She always looked after her neices and nephews.  I have had the opportunity to return the favor.  And I have been able to visit her this past week.

Visiting Henrietta reminds me of the problems that accompany severe osteoporosis.  She can no longer see what is on a shelf much more than 4 feet from the floor.  Reaching the upper half of closets is a huge challenge.  Opening the upper pane of her windows required my assistance.

She never had enough pain to think that she had vertebral fractures in her upper spine, but she has crunched at least half a dozen vertebrae by at least 20-25 % as she lost over 4 inches in height and developed a severe kyphosis or “widow’s hump”.

Aunt Henrietta has made my fight against osteoporosis personal.  In the last 4 years we have fought her disease to a standstill by using all the tools available, starting with calcium that she can digest and vitamin D supplements high enough to meet her needs.

Aunt Henrietta is a rock, fiercely maintaining her independence.  Getting her osteoporosis under control has been key.  She stands as an example of what can be accomplished by a determined person assisted by proper evaluation and treatment.

Jay Ginther, MD

30 May 2011

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