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The purpose of good bone health is to prevent fractures.  Most fractures happen as a result of a fall.  If you do not fall, you decrease your fracture risk.  How do you prevent falls?

Regular exercise will strengthen your muscles.  Strong muscles are part of the solution.  But you also need good balance.  Good balance requires exercises to strengthen the muscles required for balance.

Balance exercises have been used for centuries to keep people limber and free from falling, and thereby, free from fractures.  They are often taught in group sessions, but can be performed alone on any flat surface.

Tai Chi and Yoga are the best known ancient balance exercises.  Daily, or at least 3 times weekly, sessions of 20-30 minutes will gradually improve your balance and prevent falls.

Less interesting, but easier to do anywhere, is simply walking on your toes for several minutes.  More challenging is walking on your heels, like a penguin.  If you can do that for 2 minutes straight, you have great muscles, strong ankles, and are unlikely to stumble, even on uneven ground.

Take Control Naturally by working on your Balance.  Remember that proper nutrition is necessary for strong muscles and bones.

Jay Ginther, MD

“But, I Don’t Want To Get Fat”

November 30, 2014 @ 9:59 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

“But, I don’t want to get fat” was the constant refrain of a patient who consistantly lost weight, lost muscle mass, and fractured again.  Despite urging bordering on harassment, from her friends, she avoided meats and other proteins, most vegetables, fiber, and starches.  She often found room for desserts.

Her muscles were so weak that she had trouble rising from a chair.  Her walk had become a slow shuffle.  Her skin became tissue-paper thin.  Her Body Mass Index (BMI) had fallen far into the danger zone of below 19.  It is possible to be Too Thin.  Persons with a BMI below 19 are at increased Fracture Risk, and increased Risk of Death From All Causes.

The trees are alive with the colors of autumn.  Different colors of maples lead the pack.  Ash, beech, birch, poplar (aspen), locust, sumac, hickory, horse chestnut, redbud, and others chime in with differing nuances of texture as well as color.

Savor the world around you.  Enter the Blue Zone of leaf-peeping, pumpkins, apples and cider.  The Upper Mississippi Valley, where I live, is beautiful.  Where I grew up, New England-NY-NJ-PA, is even more spectacular every fall.  There is no part of the world without natural beauty.  You must take the time to enjoy it.

Pedestrian in Prague

October 9, 2012 @ 10:09 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

I was recently in Prague, Berlin, and other points along the Elbe.  Walking throughout the old cities of Europe is a way of life.  Many have pedestrian districts where cars are forbidden.  Streets and even sidewalks are often cobblestone which are never completely level.  Navigating the old streets of Europe forces you to Take Contol Naturally.

Standing, walking, climbing stairs, and carrying your groceries home every day help to promote good bone health.  Strong muscles help make strong bones.  Maintaining good balance on uneven surfaces helps to prevent falls.  Fewer falls means fewer fractures and lower fracture risk.