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RAGBRAI is a Blue Zone

July 25, 2015 @ 4:44 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

RAGBRAI ends today.  It is one of the largest organized week-long recreational activites anywhere.  Officially the (Des Moines) Register Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, the 2015 event included 17,000 registered participants for the entire 7 days.  Thousands more tag along for a day or two near their homes.

With neighbors, we hosted an extended family group of ten, including children down to age 5.  The family had gathered from Charleston, SC, Pittsburgh, PA, Ames and Iowa City, IA to spend a week together.  We supplied showers, beds, laundry facilities, supper and breakfast.  Many other Waterloo-Cedar Falls residents supplemented the official campground at UNI.

The sheer numbers of bicyclists created local traffic havoc for hours as they snaked their way from Souix City to Davanport covering 467 miles (the shortest route ever).  The towns affected got to meet interesting folks from nearly every state and several foreign countries.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our guests.  The families we hosted have enjoyed a full week together seeing and meeting Iowa and its people.

Read “The Blue Zones” and “Thrive” by Dan Buettner.  Plan to have a Blue Zones experience of your own.

Jay Ginther, MD

Remembering Grandma Mary

July 13, 2015 @ 10:04 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

My mother died 2 weeks after my first child was born.  I never met my wife’s mother.  The only Grandma my children ever knew was Grandma Mary.  And the only Grandpa her grandchildren knew was my father. Every summer the merged families visited her cabin on the shore of Lake Ontario for a week or more.

Grandma Mary was nearly 100 when she died last winter.  We waited for summer to gather.  My generation, her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren.  The memorial service was a sharing of memories of Gma Mary and our times at “the Lake”.  We began and ended with a piper honoring her Scottish heritage and a parade of the great-grandchildren around and around.  A huge picnic.  Catching up on each others lives.

Watching the sunset over the far away Toronto skyline is a tradition.  Then fireworks from surrounding locations celebrating the 4th.  We added Chinese lanterns drifting north over Lake Ontario.  My children and their children will never forget.

Families are Blue Zones.

Jay Ginther, MD

The Declaration

July 4, 2015 @ 8:09 pm
posted by Dr Ginther

Review some Revolutionary Ideas on the anniversary of our Declaration.

Jay Ginther, MD

Close Encounter of the Planetary Kind

June 29, 2015 @ 7:27 am
posted by Dr Ginther

Venus and Jupiter will be only one degree apart on the 30 June 2015 in the evening sky.  That is the 2 brightest “stars” in the night sky as close as they ever get (conjunction).

Shortly after sunset look for the first “star” well above the western horizon.  Soon a second “star” will appear just to the left.  A small telescope will show Venus to be a crescent and Jupiter to have 4 moons which change position every night.

Connect with Nature.  Enter the Blue Zones.

Jay Ginther, MD